FASS Fuel Systems t c10 150g FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation Systems


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These FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series fuel air separation systems use the same blueprint as the HD Series just in a smaller package. They are built into smaller compact versions offering flow rates up to 260gph. This size difference allows you to tuck the pump closer to the frame for better clearance and less visibility without sacrificing any of the features known to FASS systems. The systems feature a patented process that removes air/vapor with one efficient method. This process allows for more consistent fuel pressure to be maintained while providing the ability to use more of the fuel filter capacity. The mass volume return of the systems continually polishes the fuel as all of the fuel exiting has passed through the fuel filter. They polish the fuel at the GPH rating of the fuel pump thus giving your fuel injection system the cleanest fuel possible. The more times the fuel passes through the filter the cleaner the fuel is. The included fuel filter features a Fleetguard Stratapore or Microglass element and the water separator element uses a high quality stainless steel wire screen. FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series fuel air separation systems additional features:. * Billet aluminum construction. * Extended pump life. * Radius cut mandrel bend: allows for the fuel to travel smoothly to the engine without reintroducing aeration. * FS silencing technology: quietest fuel air separation systems in the world. * Tight machining and assembly tolerances. * Viton seals and O-rings. * Built-in heater port. * Optional electric heater port. * Large filter capacities FASS Fuel Air Separation System Titanium Series 150 GPH Dodge 5.9L. Cummins Kit
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FASS Fuel Systems
T C10 150G